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I didn’t even realize the 30 days were over. I was in the car, on the way to hike, when my husband and I were discussing a situation with a negative person.  I said, “You’d better be glad I’m still in my 30 days—oh my, it’s over tomorrow!!.” I thought about all the things that [...]

30 Days of Positivity – Day 20

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30 DAYS OF POSITIVITY – DAY 20 I thought there would be a big breakthrough for me with this positivity experiment. What kind of “breakthrough” I wasn’t sure. But in 20 days, I am amazed at how many times I have automatically wanted to go to the dark side—assume the worst in a situation and [...]

30 Days of Positivity – Day 10

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Mind chatter.   Monkey mind.  It is a well-known human condition, and I’ve got it.  I knew I had that tendency, but until I started on this 30-day journey to positivity, I never realized how many negative thoughts go thru my head. After all, I am a certified coach. I coach others on how their thoughts [...]

30 Days of Positivity – It Begins (Day 1)

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I coach leaders and executives for a living. They are smart, saavy, and busy. They really care about being better leaders, but they also  want more juice and joy in their lives. I love them, but I don’t let them whine much.  Although I recently wrote a blog post on giving employees “whine time,” I bring [...]