Susan C Foster

“Here’s the truth about success: You don’t have to be smarter, better looking, luckier, or more connected to make it big in life. You just have to focus – really focus – on what you want and you can get it.”

— Siimon Reynolds (Why People Fail)

Do you want to learn to be a leader?

Design your own career?

Figure out what to do next?

Welcome to No Fear Career

Here’s how I want you to feel about your career:

  • Confident.
  • Know where you are going, or at least in the right direction.
  • Purposeful.
  • In charge.
  • Joyful, getting up every day loving your life and job.

Most people are unclear about what their desires are.

Who, how what, and why of their purpose. So they never move forward in their career.

They wait for the work to be handed to them.

They wait for “what may happen.”

They wait for opportunities to come.

That’s the way you end up average.

NO FEAR CAREER is a class for people who want to be more successful.

Move ahead in their career. Figure out what they want.

What’s your career problem? Any of these sound familiar?

  • “I want to learn to be a leader.”
  • “This is my first job. I don’t know what I want to do, but this isn’t it.”
  • “I have a Bad boss.”
  • “My Work is Boring.”
  • “I don’t get paid enough for the hours I work.”
  • “My job is going nowhere.”
  • “I don’t know what to do to impress my boss.”
  • “My industry is changing. I don’t know how to do a resume.”
  • “I want something more challenging.”
  • “Heck, I just want to make more money!”

If so, this class may be for you.

Stop Waiting and Start Designing Your Career!

Here’s what you get:

  • Three conference calls, 1 hour each (they will be recorded in case you miss one):
  • Class 1: We will talk about “career fear” and how it affects us, how to explore strengths and planning our career for what we really want.
  • Class 2: We will talk about practical ideas for standing out from the crowd at work, and how to make a plan to move up (or out)!
  • Class 3: We will finish with a concrete plan on your career, and what’s next.
  • A self-assessment to help you evaluate what you want.
  • A workbook to help you with the tools we talk about in class.
  • Private Facebook group where you can connect with each other, and we will share our challenges, successes and help each other for the duration of the class.
  • Bonus: 30-minute private coaching session with me (that’s a $150 bonus). If you send me your resume ahead of time, we can discuss it, and I’ll even edit it for you.

The Deets:

Because I want to give you individual attention, this class is limited to 12 people.

Investment: $287

3 Class Dates: Mondays – October 30, November 6, and November 13

Class Times: 6 pm ET / 5 pm CT / 3 pm PT
(classes will be recorded, so no problem if you can’t attend live)

Your personal coaching session
(value $150)

Here’s exactly how I want you to feel at the end of these sessions:

  • You are working on your purpose. You may not have it down completely, but you have a way ahead.
  • You have some tools and techniques to use for navigating challenges at work and for building a better career.
  • You have more confidence in your ability to live the future YOU decide for yourself.
  • Who Am I?

Susan Chandler Foster

My name is Susan Foster, and I am a coach and author. I coach executives and managers for a living. Because I have been both (I was an executive at NASA and the U.S. Army.) I have either made, or seen made, every mistake you can make at work and in your career. I know how to help you move forward in your career, and I know what executives are looking for.

I am committed to helping you figure out what you want your career to look like, and designing it for yourself.

If this class sounds like something that could benefit you, sign up here.



I look forward to knowing you.